‘I Love It!’ 80-Year-Old Gamer’s Kids Surprise Him With PS4 as a Birthday Gift

An 80-year-old gamer was happily surprised when his children gave him a PlayStation 4 as a birthday gift in Parker, Colorado, video posted on July 12 shows.

Footage recorded by Robert DeZengremel shows his father, Dick DeZengremel, unwrapping his present. His friends and family are gathered around the table and can be heard cheering and laughing.

“Are you a gamer?” a white-haired woman asks Dick. She laughs when he replies with an enthusiastic “yes!”

He then says, “I love it!”

Speaking to Storyful, DeZengremel said that when his dad’s 80th birthday was approaching, his grown children were thinking about what they could get him.

Their mother said he “might” want a PS4; he mentioned that he would like to have one on a couple of occasions in the past.

Their father enjoys playing games on his iPad and everyone hoped that he meant what he said. The search for the console ensued because it was “hard to find.”

When the birthday celebration came on June 10, it was time for them to present “the special gift.”

“The PS4 did not disappoint, and the inner kid in this 80-year-old guy exploded with joy!” Robert DeZengremel added.