Lane Johnson: Huge for us to have Jason Peters back

The Eagles brought longtime left tackle Jason Peters back this week, but he isn’t expected to be lining up at his familiar position.

Peters’ return comes after right guard Brandon Brooks tore his Achilles and the team has designs on putting him into Brooks’ spot on the line while Andre Dillard handles left tackle duties. During an appearance on NFL Network, right tackle Lane Johnson said he’s looking forward to playing alongside Peters in a new way.

“You can’t really replace a Brandon Brooks, who’s the best guard in the league, but this has been in the works I guess for a few weeks,” Johnson said, via “Finally working out the details and got the big man back and I’m excited, man. I’m excited to have him next to me, a guy that I’ve looked up to and has really been my mentor ever since coming into the league, so it’s huge for us.”

Peters came into the NFL as a tight end and his move to tackle was a very successful one. If this shift goes as well as that one, the Eagles offensive line should hold up well despite the loss of Brooks.